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Why Wont Dishwasher Drain

What’s Keeping My Dishwasher from Draining?

By Daniel Burke, 9:00 am on November 21, 2020

Dishwashers are one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Not only do they clean dishes quickly, they also relieve us of dishwashing duties. However, there may be a time when your dishwasher isn’t working as it should. A common issue you may experience is improper drainage. Although this may seem like a simple problem, it can cause a lot of damage if it’s not taken care of. If their knowledge is limited to plumbing basics, San Diego homeowners might not be able to diagnose problems with their dishwashers properly. Here are a few common reasons a dishwasher isn’t draining.

The Garbage Disposal Is Full

In some instances, there may not even be an issue with the dishwasher itself. A full garbage disposal can prevent the machine from draining the water. This can happen sometimes because the dishwasher and garbage disposal are connected. Make sure to empty your disposal before turning on the dishwasher.

The Filter Needs to Be Changed

Your dishwasher has a filter. This filter is what keeps food particles and pieces of wet food from making contact with clean dishes. However, without proper maintenance, it can accumulate a lot of food particles, which can cause the dishwasher to become backed up with debris and prevent it from draining. The location of your dishwasher filter will vary according to your particular model, so make sure to read the manual to find it. Once you locate the filter, either clean it or replace it with a new one.

Something Is Wrong with the Drain Hose

The drain hose connects the dishwasher to the garbage disposal. If this hose gets loosened, it can prevent the dishwasher from draining properly and also cause massive leaks. Leaks can cause water to pool quickly, becoming a prime source of mold and water damage. If you notice any puddles forming around the dishwasher, check the drain hose, as it might be loose or damaged. 

The Drain Basket Is Full

Similar to the filter, the drain basket can become clogged with soggy food. However, it’s also possible for dish detergent to cause a clog. Either way, you should clean it as soon as possible. In fact, you should clean the filter and drain basket at least once every two months. 

The Dishwasher Is Packed Too Full

It goes without saying that you should never shove as many dishes as possible into the dishwasher. The cluttered dishes can block the flow of water and cause it to linger within the machine. Properly aligning the dishes can prevent a catastrophe.

If you’re having issues with your dishwasher not draining properly, don’t try to take care of it yourself. It’s best to have a professional plumber address the problem so it doesn’t keep recurring. When they need high-quality professional plumbing services, San Diego homeowners reach out to Burke Contractors. Our plumbing contractors are the best available, and you can count on them to solve any and all of your plumbing issues. To schedule an appointment with one of our plumbing contractors, call us today at 858-208-7765.