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What Are the Reasons to Call a Commercial Plumber

When Is It Time to Contact a Commercial Plumber?

By Daniel Burke, 9:00 am on September 15, 2020

When you’re having any plumbing issues in your home or office, it’s essential to call a professional plumber. While most businesses and commercial building owners are always looking for ways to save on costs, it’s important not to try to handle your own plumbing problems, especially if you’re not a professional. Most people think all commercial and domestic plumbing problems are the same. They may be comparable, but they can also be very different, depending on the scale and size of the building. Below are some of the most common reasons to call a plumber for an issue in a commercial building.

Sewage Odors

Having a problem with your pipes doesn’t always mean they’re damaged. Different conditions cause pipes to emit nasty sewage odors that can negatively impact your business. Whether it’s frustrating for your staff or driving your customers away, an unpleasant sewage smell is a big plumbing problem you must deal with. Frequent clogging and dry pipes are often leading causes of this issue.

Damaged Pipes

Most pipes are prone to damage such as splitting, bursting, and cracking. These problems are common in commercial buildings due to the volume of water required to operate the plumbing in the buildings. Because the pipes in commercial buildings deal with high water volumes, they can be damaged by the water’s speed. If you notice a small leak, make sure you contact a professional who specializes in commercial plumbing services. San Diego business owners should understand that repairing and replacing pipework is an expensive and complicated process, so small plumbing issues should be repaired before they grow into severe problems.

Water Temperature Issues

The complexity and size of water heaters in commercial buildings make them prone to specific problems that may disrupt daily operations. Because they work harder than residential water heaters, they often deteriorate faster. Issues with water temperature aren’t uncommon. However, you may have a problem on your hands if you need the water to be a particular temperature, whether it’s for operating a production process, preparing food, or providing services. Issues with water temperatures vary depending on the water system. Some common problems are often related to insulation or thermostats.

Clogged Drain

We’ve all dealt with a clogged drain, either at home or at work. Due to the large volumes of waste going through the drains, clogs are more common in commercial buildings. The toilets and kitchens in commercial buildings have a lot of traffic and may be used by hundreds of people every day, some of whom may be less considerate and careful than they are at home. This can lead to a massive amount of debris and waste being flushed down the drain, which slowly clogs the system.


Because commercial buildings have complex and expansive piping networks, leaks are very common. Whether leaks come from sinks, toilets, pipes, or faucets, they can develop into more severe problems, such as mold and rot, if they aren’t handled early. This is why it’s essential to contact a commercial plumbing service at the first sign of a leak. 

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