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Dirty Kitchen Drain

3 Things to Never Put Down Your Drains

By Daniel Burke, 9:00 am on January 5, 2021

It seems easier to pour some items down the drain than toss them in the garbage can, but what goes down the drain may clog pipes. Clogs stop other items from draining properly, creating bigger clogs. Eventually, a plumber is necessary to clear blocked pipes so the drain can function properly again. If they want to prevent unnecessary problems with their home plumbing, San Diego homeowners should avoid flushing these three items down any home drain.

1. Oil, Grease, & Fats

Whether it’s cooking oil, meat grease, or fatty oils from condiments, they all have the same property: none of them mix well with water. Instead, the oily substance coats the pipe walls and hardens, shrinking the drain’s entry diameter and slowing draining speed. Furthermore, oils, grease, and fats cling to other items poured down the drain and create buildup and sludge. Repeatedly pouring oil, grease, or fat down a drain will result in a permanent clog that allows nothing to get through, and eventually, it will cause the drain to back up. Oils, grease, and fats are primary causes of clogged pipes and drains.

2. Coffee Grounds

Upon contact with water, coffee grounds don’t dissolve. Instead, they flush down the drain as whole lumps, and it takes extra water just to carry them along the pipe. The coffee ground lumps that remain stay inside the pipe and block the pathway deep inside. Mixed with other items inside the drain, coffee grounds contribute to buildup and create more blockages.

3. Pasta & Rice

These whole grains shouldn’t be put in pipe drains because they swell upon contact with water due to their starch content. Pasta also becomes sticky, acting as glue when other items enter the pipe, contributing to clogs and blocking other items from passing through.

Adding more items down the drain in an attempt to flush clogged pipes usually creates even bigger clogs. A plunger pushes clogs deeper into the pipe, yet it cannot unclog it. Home drain cleaners are toxic and rough on pipes, eventually eroding the pipe structure and causing leaks. Home solutions like flushing baking soda down the drain aren’t helpful, either. The clog won’t magically go away, and these DIY techniques will likely fail. Rely on a qualified licensed and insured plumber to repair pipes and drains. A plumber has the education, experience, and equipment to clean clogged pipes without damaging them.

The plumber will analyze the pipe to discover the cause of the clog. Because plumbers are experts in drain cleaning, they have solutions for every kind of clog imaginable. The plumber will use equipment to remove the clog and clean the pipe in a few hours or less. If all else fails, a new section of pipe can be installed to replace the original pipe where the clog originated.

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