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unforeseen Plumbing problems businesses may need to have fixed

5 Unanticipated Plumbing Repairs Your Business May Require

By Daniel Burke, 9:00 am on December 22, 2020

A commercial building’s plumbing is essential to a business’s smooth operations. Employees and customers rely on this network to get rid of waste, wash their hands, and cook. Any unexpected problems with the plumbing system necessitate a call to a reputable, experienced commercial plumber. San Diego business owners may experience one or more of these unforeseen plumbing problems.

1. Exterior Sprinkler System Problems

Many commercial properties boast expansive, lush landscaping. One of the tools employed to maintain the health and aesthetic appeal of this decorative feature is a sprinkler system. Though often overlooked, these intricate networks might cause significant plumbing issues, and even the smallest leaks in sprinkler systems can waste thousands of gallons of water.

The first sign of such issues could be exorbitant water bills. As the problem progresses, damaged landscaping and serious flooding could result. Businesses that utilize sprinkler systems should have these networks examined by plumbing professionals each spring.

2. Water Pressure Extremes

A commercial establishment’s plumbing system can be adversely impacted by exceedingly low or high water pressure. Pressure fluctuations can be caused by a number of underlying issues and might be the first indication of a serious problem, such as a burst pipe deep inside the building’s walls or a failing water heater. When pressure extremes are detected, a plumber should be called as soon as possible.

3. Water Color Changes

Turning on a faucet and seeing water that’s anything but its typical clear color can be shocking. Moreover, discolored water might indicate several potential concerns, including:

  • Rust – Rust from an aging or damaged water heater might enter the water supply. In most instances, rusty water appears orange. 
  • Chemicals and contaminants – Chemicals and contaminants might enter a commercial structure’s water supply for any number of reasons and cause variations in water color.

Discolored water cannot in any way be construed as normal and warrants further investigation by a trained plumbing professional.

4. Water Temperature Fluctuations

Few things are more frustrating than turning on a sink’s hot water and noticing the water takes a long time to warm up, never warms up at all, only remains warm for short periods, or is scalding hot.

In many cases, these issues are caused by broken or loose pressure-regulating valves on water heaters. However, such problems might also occur because of sediment accumulation in the water heater’s tank or other damaged or deteriorated water heater components.

5. Pipe Noises

Business owners should never dismiss noisy water pipes. Often, these strange sounds are attributable to a condition called water hammer. This condition is caused by an unusual change in the momentum of the water flowing through the pipes. Common culprits include elevated water pressure and loose or damaged valves. 

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