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How Do Plumbers Find Leaks?

By Daniel Burke, 9:00 am on February 9, 2021

Today, licensed plumbers have access to a variety of tools to help them detect leaks. Many plumbing contractors rely on a combination of telltale signs and high-tech gadgets to assist customers. When they suspect they have leaks in their home plumbing, San Diego residents should have leak inspections performed by experienced plumbing contractors. These inspections frequently enable property owners to minimize losses from water damage.

Visual Indications of a Leak

A plumber may ascertain the likelihood of an underground water pipe leak simply by studying the appearance of a yard. For example, during the height of summer, a bright section of healthy green grass in a dry lawn sometimes indicates a broken pipe below the surface. While a plumber may need to perform additional tests to confirm the precise location of the rupture, this type of visual clue sometimes explains a property owner’s unusually high water bills.

Audible Signs of a Ruptured Pipe

Plumbers also sometimes use sound to identify water leaks. If the plumber shuts off every water tap but still hears the sound of running water in a residence, the noise may stem from a broken pipe. In some cases, pipes located inside walls or beneath floors rupture. Residents may not even realize the leaks exist for an extended time.

Sophisticated Digital Cameras

Many tech-savvy plumbers employ miniature digital cameras. Designed to snake inside water pipes, these devices often expedite the discovery of damage. These cameras may provide video evidence of heavily encrusted or calcified aging pipes inside residences. These devices assist some contractors in locating the sites of ruptures. They may also offer valuable assistance to homeowners who accidentally drop treasured rings or other valuable items down drains.

Thermal Imaging

Today, some plumbers locate sites of water pooling inside thick walls or beneath floors through the use of thermal imaging devices. This relatively recent technology often spares homeowners significant costs associated with testing. For example, thermal images may direct a plumber to damaged sections of a slab. They offer a valuable way to identify the sites of damaged pipes before undertaking drilling to perform pipe repair or replacement.

Promising New Technology

In the near future, some plumbers will likely assist homeowners by installing new high-tech monitors that evaluate the flow of water through low-lying sump pumps. The system issues an alert if the level of water runoff changes significantly. This type of device offers a way to protect homeowners against residential flooding capable of overwhelming their pumps. A large surge in basement water runoff could indicate a water leak in the basement. The monitoring system enables customers to obtain very fast plumbing contractor services.

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