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What Should I Do if My Plumber Didn’t Resolve My Issue?

By Daniel Burke, 9:00 am on February 20, 2021

When it comes to home plumbing, San Diego residents are advised to hire professional plumbing contractors, and most reputable plumbers will make an honest effort to provide the level of service expected. However, there will inevitably be some times when a plumbing contractor doesn’t actually correct the problem. If your plumber didn’t fix the issue you contacted him or her about in the first place, here’s what you can do about this situation.

Contact the Plumber Again

Give the plumber or plumbing company the benefit of the doubt. After all, some plumbing problems aren’t easy to accurately diagnose. For instance, there are many possible sources of pooled water found around a sink, tub, or toilet. Because unintended mistakes may have been made, contact the plumber first to request a return visit.

A reputable plumber should be willing to:

• Return to assess and fix the problem correctly ASAP
• Not charge you any additional fees for coming back
• Clearly explain the nature of the problem and what he or she plans to do to fix it properly

If you’re dealing with a smaller local company, ask to speak with the owner, if possible. This way, you’ll be alerting him or her about the situation. Furthermore, you’ll be more likely to get a prompt, polite response from the plumber who did the work if you let the owner know what’s going on, too.

Give the Plumber Time to Correct the Issue

While you may be frustrated at needing to call a plumber back to your home, don’t take this out on him or her. Give the plumber sufficient time to check things out again and determine what he or she may have overlooked, especially if it’s not an urgent situation. However, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask for an estimate of how much time the plumber anticipates he or she will need to fix the problem that still exists.

Reach Out to Another Plumber

In some situations, you may be unable to reach the plumber after several attempts, or the problem may remain unfixed even after a return visit. If this is what you’re dealing with, your first priority should be to actually get the problem corrected. This is especially important if letting the issue go could damage your property or create entirely new plumbing problems.

Ask the Next Plumber for an Assessment

If another plumber is able to fix the issue correctly, ask for a written assessment of what he or she did and how he or she diagnosed the problem. Such information is usually included on the invoice, but make sure the issue is clearly described along with an indication of what had to be done to fix it. Doing so will give you a better idea of what the first plumber may have overlooked or failed to do.

See What Other Customers Have Said Online

Ideally, you should do your research ahead of time or use a reliable contractor locator service. However, if you’re frustrated about an issue that wasn’t fixed, see what other customers have said online. By doing this, you can see if failing to fix problems is an anomaly or a common occurrence for your plumber or plumbing company.

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