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5 Most Common Reasons for Plumbing-Related Home Floods

By Daniel Burke, 9:00 am on October 6, 2020

When we think about flooding, we’re more likely to associate it with natural disasters such as tropical storms and rainstorms, two weather events that don’t happen very often in Southern California. Even though San Diego County gets a couple of weeks of torrential rains each year, most flooding situations in the area are caused by issues related to malfunctioning plumbing systems. When compared to floods caused by storm surges or heavy rainfall, a plumbing flood has an advantage because water flow can be cut off at the main source, but it can be just as damaging in many cases. Here are five home plumbing situations that can result in flooding, brought to you by the professionals from Burke Contractors, the experts in home plumbing San Diego residents trust for exceptional service and 24/7 availability.

1. Water Heater Tank Failures

This is a situation few homeowners see coming, but it happens often enough to remind them about the importance of regular inspections. The culprit here is corrosion from the outside. When either the tank or water connections become corroded to the point of fragility, a small leak can develop into a crack, thus causing a bigger problem.

2. Clogged Toilets

You have to keep in mind that toilet mechanisms bring water in, store it in the tank, and drain wastewater on demand. All of these actions are prone to situations that can cause flooding, particularly when the drain system or the S-trap become obstructed, which can happen when children insert toys and other objects into the bowl. The backup that results from a clogged toilet will cause an overflow.

3. Cracked Toilet Tanks

The problem with budget toilets is that the ceramic material may have an unknown expiration date. A hairline crack will only seep moisture in the beginning, but at some point, it may progress to a full break, and this is when you can get a major flooding situation because the stored water will escape, the ball or piston system will lower, and the water intake will simply keep flowing.

4. Broken Pipes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner or renter—learning the location of the water main valve is a must, and the same goes for learning how to shut it off. Pipes can burst for various reasons. One of the most common involves sudden changes in water pressure or poor installation. The problem with broken pipes is that they can result in a significant rush of water, thus increasing the likelihood of serious damage to furniture, personal property, and flooring materials.

5. Issues with Home Appliances

Dishwashers and washing machines don’t have to completely break down to cause flooding. If the water intake valves or stopper mechanisms malfunction, you may end up with water all over your property, but this doesn’t mean the appliance itself has stopped working.

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