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Are All Plumbers Contractors?

By Daniel Burke, 9:00 am on October 17, 2020

Before hiring a plumber or plumbing contractor, you may want to know if they’re similar or different. These experts aren’t always the same, despite the terms often being used interchangeably. The difference between the two comes in terms of the amount of work handled. For normal small plumbing issues, a plumber comes in handy, but for more complex plumbing projects, such as new installations, remodels, large-scale jobs, or issues requiring emergency plumbing services, San Diego homeowners and businesses should call a plumbing contractor who has several plumbers on his or her team.

What Plumbers Do

In most cases, a plumber will be a homeowner’s first choice as far as plumbing repairs are concerned. Plumbers are trained individuals with the expert knowledge and skill to handle minor plumbing issues. Some of the things they can comfortably handle include fixing plumbing fixtures, blockages, shower drains, showers, bathtubs, and sinks. In most cases, plumbers train as apprentices under other plumbers to become experts.

Plumbing Contractor Responsibilities

Contractors handle more complex issues than plumbers. They’re equipped to manage more challenging plumbing issues, including waste disposal systems, clean water systems, large installations of water and gas, and new building and remodeling projects. Before hiring a plumbing contractor, you need to check his or her professional qualifications, since they all differ. Plumbing contractors are trained and certified to handle large plumbing projects.

Contractors also work with plumbers to ensure they cover all the planning phases plumbers wouldn’t handle on their own. Plumbing contractors are also responsible for ensuring they meet all the federal, local, and state government regulations. They also ensure construction sites are well maintained, since they carry out the final inspections and ensure all the plumbing processes have met proper building standards.

What Is Needed to Be a Plumber or Plumbing Contractor?

A contractor needs to have obtained a contractor’s license and a master’s plumbing license. These are crucial certifications that set a plumbing contractor apart from an ordinary plumber. On the other hand, plumbers need basic certifications to perform plumbing work. Unlike plumbing contractors, who need specialized people skills, mechanical know-how, and excellent customer service skills, plumbers can operate at a minimum level in all these areas. Apprenticeship is one of the best ways to build their skills and learn how to operate in this sector. 

If you’re having issues with plumbing in your home or business, don’t try to take care of them yourself. It’s best to have a professional plumber or contractor address the problem so it doesn’t keep recurring. When they need high-quality professional residential or commercial plumbing contractors, San Diego residents call on the pros at Burke Contractors. Our plumbing contractors are the best available, and you can count on them to solve any and all of your plumbing issues. To schedule an appointment with one of our plumbing contractors, call us today at 858-208-7765.