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Sump Pump

Sump Pump: Do You Need One?

By Daniel Burke, 9:00 am on December 26, 2020

To determine whether or not a sump pump is needed, you need to know the signs that will tell you you need one. A lot of people who live in some parts of California, such as San Diego, may incorrectly think they don’t need sump pumps because they don’t have basements. However, there are several reasons you might still need a sump pump.

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is often known as a sewage pump. Some call it a sewer ejector. It’s also often referred to as a grinder pump. A sump pump is different from an ordinary pump because it has the ability to deal with solids. It’s used when there’s a need to remove waste and water from a home.

The Two Types of Sump Pumps

A pedestal sump pump is a type of pump that has a motor mounted above a pit used for collecting water. A submersible sump pump is mounted totally within the pit. It’s sealed to prevent short-circuits. Now we can get into the question of whether or not you need a sump pump.

Is Your Home in a Flat Area where Water Tends to Collect?

If the soil around your home holds water and your home is in a flat area, it’s likely that water will get into your home. If the soil around the house ever gets to the point where it can no longer hold the water, that water will go somewhere else. This means it could get into your walls or your home’s foundation, which will damage it and ultimately ruin your house. It’s not only damage to the walls and foundation you need to worry about. Another problem water can cause is mold, which you certainly don’t want in your home.

Does Your Home Lie Below the Local Water Table?

If your home sits on property below the water table level, you could experience flooding that eventually eats away at your house. You need to get a sump pump to combat this.

Do You Get a Lot of Rain where You Live?

If you get a lot of heavy rain where your home exists, the chances it will be flooded are very high. This means you should invest in a sump pump. If you don’t, you’ll likely end up needing emergency plumbing services. San Diego homeowners should seek the advice of professional plumbers to determine whether they need sump pumps.

What about Sewage?

Sump pumps are often used in San Diego to handle sewage. Debris such as sewage has to be pumped out. Nobody wants his or her home to be overrun by smelly raw sewage. The result is that homeowners here are often in need of a sump pump. 

If you don’t have the right types of plumbing equipment in your home, it could do a lot of harm to your plumbing system. San Diego homeowners can rely on the advice and expertise of Burke Contractors’ plumbing professionals. We only contract with licensed and experienced plumbers to ensure our Southern California clients receive high-quality service delivered with outstanding professionalism. If you need exceptional plumbing services, we’ll connect you with the finest professionals available. Give us a call today at 858-208-7765.