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Commercial Plumbing

What to Check when Maintaining Your Commercial Plumbing

By Daniel Burke, 9:00 am on January 16, 2021

Owning a commercial property means having to check and maintain all of the vital systems within a building. Not doing so could result in very costly repairs and property damage. The following is an abbreviated plumbing checklist for your commercial property. Don’t skip checking and maintaining these particular items.

Toilet O-Rings

Toilet installation almost always includes the use of O-rings. These rubbery plumbing components provide secure seals between the bottoms of toilets and the tops of the toilet stacks. The toilet stacks then take human waste down below ground via gravity, but they can’t do that if the seals aren’t creating an airtight vacuum expanse. Bad toilet seals result in liquid waste escaping and seeping out around the affected toilets and all over the floors. It helps to check the O-rings once or twice a decade and replace them as needed.

Sink Traps

The number one cause of overflowing sinks are sink traps stuffed with things that shouldn’t be there or can’t be flushed through to the pipes below. If you run into this problem, make sure you contact a professional who specializes in commercial plumbing services. San Diego business owners should hire plumbers who can take the sinks in their buildings apart, clean and flush out the traps, remove debris that isn’t supposed to go down sink drains, and put everything back together. If there’s still a problem with your sinks quickly filling with water and not draining as they should, a plumber can look into the pipes past the traps to see where the blockages are. Then he or she can clear these blockages so the affected sinks can function again.

Floor Drains

A lot of older commercial properties have floor drains for the purpose of moving excess water or flood water out of the buildings and into the sewer system. Commercial kitchens and a few other select commercial buildings with special purposes also have floor drains. The floor drains are frequently clogged when something tries to pass through that’s too big for the connecting pipes. A plumber can check, clean, and flush these floor drains so there’s no backup of sludge from these drains.

Leaky Faucets

Any faucet or spigot with a slow leak or drip has internal parts that are failing. If you notice water dripping or leaking from around the base of a sink’s hardware, have a commercial plumber take a look. The plumber can take the sink hardware apart to see where the parts are failing and replace those parts so water is conserved. When you’re able to prevent water leaking from the faucets in your building, you save money on the water bill, which is huge for any commercial property that sees a lot of business traffic.

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