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What’s Causing the Clog in Your Sink

Why Is My Sink Clogged Up?

By Daniel Burke, 9:00 am on September 12, 2020

The basics of indoor plumbing can be boiled down to the efficient supply and drainage of water. When either one of these elements is disrupted, the entire system is affected, and you could argue there are times when drainage is even more crucial. In some parts of Southern California that go through periods of water rationing because of extreme drought conditions, you can still get a supply of drinking water, but once your sink becomes clogged and is unable to properly drain, you know this is a situation that calls for plumbing repairs. Sinks get clogged because of blockage or obstructions inside the drainpipes. If their knowledge is limited to plumbing basics, San Diego homeowners should know clogs can be prevented to a certain extent when they know about their possible causes. 

Clogged Kitchen Sinks

There are numerous factors that can cause an obstruction of the drain in a kitchen sink or dishwasher. Grease, animal fat, and vegetable oil are the main culprits, but other possibilities include food particles that don’t normally dissolve and the scum that virtually all kitchen detergents and cleaners form. Some grains such as rice and corn will continue to expand with moisture, thus making it easier for obstructions to form. The combination of all these elements will contribute to a messy blockage. If you notice your kitchen sink starting to drain more slowly, there may be an issue with the way the drain line is installed, thus requiring professional repair.

Bathroom Sinks that Stop Draining

As with kitchen sinks, there are various elements that contribute to clogged drains in bathroom sinks, and they usually have to do with personal hygiene and grooming. This issue happens more often when sinks are used for shaving. In bathrooms where dual his-and-her vanities are installed, it’s not unusual for one sink to become clogged long before the other one does. Dirt, hair, dead skin, soap, shaving cream, and personal hygiene products can all combine to form a nasty obstruction. One of the problems in this regard is that not all bathroom sinks have drain covers to trap hair, but this is almost irrelevant, given the small and fine hairs removed through daily shaving.

Clogged Elbow Joints

Just about all drain line systems will have elbow joint pieces where blockages are more likely to occur. When plumbers aren’t able to clear obstructions through snaking and plunging, they will remove and inspect the elbow joints. In some cases, these joint pieces aren’t the most efficient for the system and will require replacement. This is often done when sinks continue to drain slowly.

Venting & Slope Issues

The sloping of pipes and the venting of the overall drain line system affect the efficiency of drainage as well as how prone the system may be to clogging. Too much slope causes water to run faster down the drain system, and this may result in some solid waste not being flushed. Sinks equipped with gulp valves are intended to complement the venting, and they sometimes need to be replaced for optimal draining. 

If you’re having issues with clogs in your kitchen or bathroom sink, don’t try to take care of them yourself. It’s best to have a professional plumber address the problem so it doesn’t keep recurring. When they need high-quality professional plumbing services, San Diego homeowners reach out to Burke Contractors. Our plumbing contractors are the best available, and you can count on them to solve any and all of your plumbing issues. To schedule an appointment with one of our plumbing contractors, call us today at 858-208-7765